My beautiful wife

My beautiful wife

A little of my story...

Picture this, it's your last week as a senior in high school. For the first time in your life you get a bunch of checks in the mail adding up to close to $1000. What do you do? You go invest it! Someone probably should have told me that. Instead I went and bought my first camera. It was a Canon Rebel T1i from Costco. At $899.99, with two lenses and a little bag, what a bargain. I remember I got home from the store, ripped open the packaging, and started messing with my new camera. It came with a little DVD that taught the basics of shutter speed, aperture, ISO, etc. I watched the entire thing, then went outside and started shooting.

Since that day I've fallen in love with beautiful imagery. I love to research the new technology, the next best thing. I started investing in new lenses, computer software. I watched youtube videos, learned how to edit my photos better. I was quite obsessed.

One weekend I was staying at a cabin with some friends near Quake Lake in my native state of Montana. For some reason, I started playing with the (very limited) video features of my Rebel. I remember thinking, Wow, videos look cool coming from this little thing. Boom. Inception. The thought was planted in my head. I'm going to started making videos. Let's just say I really stretched the capabilities of iMovie. Until finally I moved to a more serious program. 

Today, I still strive to create the best images I can. I would love to create some for you. I guess the purchase of my first camera actually was a pretty good investment. 

P.S. the most beautiful woman in the world will likely accompany me on most shoots.